Capital Improvement Program

The District’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is a five-year planning schedule with each year approved in the correlating fiscal year. Long-term capital planning is a dynamic process and is part of the district’s overall strategic plan. Capital planning involves identifying current and future needs and prioritizing them through an assessment process.

Projects listed below are active CIP projects reviewed annually by the district’s staff to allow the program to be more responsive to changing needs, regulations, funding availability, and demand projections. The 2022-2023 Fiscal Year Adopted Budget includes a detailed list of identified future projects included in the five-year capital improvement plan.

2022-23 Capital Improvement Program Overview

ProjectTypeDescriptionCurrent PhaseProjected Completion
Plant 134 Improvements and Membrane Replacement
Three separate projects will be used to 1) enhance security and communications, 2) assess treatment options for source water quality issues and enhance sludge removal processes, and 3) continue the phased replacement of treatment modules at the District’s surface water treatment plant.

The District currently in the process of replacing the fourth of five membrane trains at the treatment plant. The District has solicited proposals to complete the design and implementation of a new granular activated carbon treatment system.
June  2023
Sterling Natural Resource CenterNew Wastewater
In response to the drought and SBX7-7 which mandates that the District must cut 20% of its use by the year 2020, the District is planning and constructing a water recycling facility. The facility will allow the District to treat wastewater to a point that it can be recharged back into the groundwater basin and reused for domestic purpose. Initially, the facility will treat approximately 8 million gallons per day and will be expandable to be able to treat ultimate build out of approximately 10 million gallons per day.Design/Build: 
Construction &
March 2023
East-Side Surface Water Treatment Plant

This project is proposed to add operational efficiency, flexibility and redundancy to the District’s water production and distribution system. The Districts engineering consultant has prepared a Preliminary Design Report (PDR) for the potential treatment facility, which is in review.
PlanningDecember 2022
Storage Tank Rehabilitation

Involves systematic rehabilitation of existing tanks in order to ensure their dependability and years of future service. The District has selected a consultant for the construction work to rehabilitate the Plant 108 reservoir with construction finishing up in late 2021.

ConstructionMarch 2023
Water Main Replacements
WaterThe District is planning the construction for replacement of several water mains to replace dated or undersized mains, with projects to construct in FY '22-23.
Planning/DesignJune 2023
Wastewater Main Replacements
WastewaterThe District is planning for the replacement of several sewer main pipelines, which are rated as higher priority due to the number of structural defects noted during video logging, with projects to construct in FY '22-23.
Planning/DesignJune 2023
General Facilities Rehabilitation/Relocation
Water/ WastewaterThese line items involve various projects such as security upgrades, and improving the aesthetics of buildings at plant sites; it also provides a budget for relocating facilities in conjunction with City street or storm drain improvement projects. The District is in the process of upgrading select facilities security and fencing each year.
PlanningJune 2023
Facility Repairs and Rehabilitations
Water/ WastewaterThe District is currently designing a replacement hydro-pneumatic system at Plant 101 to boost water to 37 homes as the only water source. Construction and rehab to begin in FY 22-23.
DesignMar 2023

These projects will repair existing District Water Production facilities in order to extend the useful life and enhance the service reliability to the community.