Operation & Maintenance

The Operations Department is under the direction of the Operations Manager and oversees Water Production, Water Maintenance, Wastewater Maintenance, Water Quality, Water Treatment, Facilities Maintenance, Fleet Maintenance, Meter Services, and the Warehouse.
Operations and Maintenance (2)
  1. Water Production
  2. Water Maintenance
  3. Testing & Treatment

Water Production Division

The Production Department is under the direction of the Water Production Supervisor. Staff includes 8 highly trained staff members. The department oversees the operation of: 

  • 16 groundwater wells
  • 24 pump stations
  • 18 reservoirs
  • 16 wellhead treatment systems
  • One Granular Activated Carbon Treatment facility
  • One Blending Treatment facility
  • One 4-8 MGD Surface Water Treatment Plant within 6 pressure zones
  • All water quality sampling and monitoring duties
  • All calls and emergencies related to water quality
  • Cross connection/backflow compliance