Backflow Prevention

Cross-Connection Control

East Valley Water District currently maintains a Cross-Connection Control program under Title 17 of the State of California Administrative Code by conducting site surveys and inspections of customers’ properties to determine if any potential hazards exist that would require the need of backflow protection.

Cross-Connection also oversees the annual testing and maintenance of currently installed backflow prevention assemblies.

Backflow Prevention

EVWD requires the annual testing and maintenance of all currently installed backflow devices. Beginning April 3, 2017, East Valley Water District will be offering backflow device testing for only $60 per year, and can even prorate it on your account for $5 per month.  To participate in the program, complete a Backflow Testing Application (link below). You may email the application to: or fax (909) 806-4228. Applications may also be dropped off at our offices located at: 31111 Greenspot Road, Highland, CA 92346. For more information, please contact Water Quality at (909) 806-4222.

The backflow devices must be tested by certified backflow testers. A partial list of testers is available at the link below if you would prefer to have another company test your device.  All backflow test forms are recorded and filed by district personnel following our testing or upon receiving documentation of testing from a certified backflow tester.

Helpful Cross Connection & Backflow Documents

For more information about the district’s cross-connection control program or backflow prevention, please contact Mike Hurst, Water Quality Coordinator at (909) 772-5154.