Strategic Communications Plan

The Strategic Communications Plan is intended to be a critical component of the district’s larger Strategic Plan, its “North Bound Train” visioning process. It is meant to serve as a guide for establishing effective, multidirectional communication channels to solicit and convey information to and from all district stakeholders including employees, the Board of Directors, customers, regional partners, and the greater community.

The Strategic Communications Plan follows a basic roadmap and timeline format. It employs strategies and tactics that will lay a foundation to communicate the district’s mission and vision to all stakeholders effectively and efficiently, ensuring that EVWD’s commitment to outreach and community involvement is consistent with its enhanced level of service, efficiency, and operational effectiveness.

Primary Goals of the Strategic Communications Plan
  • To improve and coordinate all district communications, both internal and external
  • To align EVWD’s communications efforts with the district’s mission
  • To increase public awareness of EVWD’s services, quality, and value while showcasing stakeholder benefits
  • To develop a brand that clearly distinguishes the district’s identity in the minds of stakeholders
  • To increase overall communications effectiveness
  • To support the district’s legislative platform and grant strategy through integrated communications efforts
Key Messages
Before EVWD determines how they will communicate with their customers, the district must first determine what they will communicate. Development of key messages is a critical, foundational step that must be conducted before communications strategies and objectives can be set.

Evaluation of input from the District Board of Directors, its management, and staff, as well as customers and other stakeholders, was critical in determining the key messages that best reflect the district’s vision and community expectations. These messages include:
  • Value and service
    • EVWD’s commitment to ratepayers goes beyond providing its services as affordably as possible. The district strives to elevate the level of service and value it provides to each and every customer.
  • Reliability and dependability
    • EVWD’s customers have a provider that they can depend on for a reliable supply of healthy water now and in the future, regardless of emergency, drought, or other challenges.
  • Conservation and stewardship
    • EVWD is dedicated to ensuring that the community’s precious water resources are available for future generations. A critical part of this effort is educating its customers about how to use water as efficiently as possible.
  • Fiscal responsibility
    • EVWD’s desire to use financial resources as efficiently as possible influences all aspects of district decisions. Stewardship of ratepayer dollars is treated with the utmost respect and care.
  • Efficient and effective governance
    • EVWD works consistently to set a new standard for public agency effectiveness by creating a culture that embraces hard work, innovation, new technology, efficiency, and accountability.
  • Community Partnership
    • EVWD is a community-centered organization that is devoted to building a close relationship with its community by communicating frequently and providing a partnership that helps local businesses and residents succeed and thrive.