Legislative Platform & Grant Strategies

Legislative Platform

The East Valley Water District Legislative Platform summarizes the Board of Directors' positions regarding legislative and regulatory issues of concern without limiting the consideration of additional legislative issues should they arise. Staff will seek the board's guidance on issues that are not contained within the adopted Legislative Platform (PDF).

Maintaining this document allows for the timely response to issues identified as important and consistent with the district's Legislative Platform, including letters to key stakeholders and delegates in Sacramento, Washington D.C., and other public officials.

Grant Strategy

East Valley Water District will continue to pursue federal and state funding to establish new programs or enhance existing programs that promote water supply reliability and reduce cost pressures in the water and wastewater collection systems for the benefit of EVWD ratepayers.

After reviewing the demographics and resources of EVWD, in combination with understanding the district's needs, several grant opportunities from federal, state, and private grant-making agencies were identified. It is important to keep in mind that many of these programs are annual, so developing a successful grant program will be accomplished over a period of time. Staff will seek the board's guidance on grant opportunities outside the adopted Grant Strategy (PDF).

Looking forward, EVWD has focused on the following key strategic initiatives:

  • Provide a safe and reliable water supply
  • Create an environment conducive to more efficient and effective public service (build headquarters)
  • Enhance district resource efforts (improve human and physical resources)
  • Develop a district brand and improve community involvement (local and regional opportunities)