Customized Water Budget

Water budgets are designed to meet each customer's unique needs given an efficient level of use. These custom allocations are made up of 2 parts, an indoor and outdoor water budget.

In order to calculate your water budget, EVWD takes several things into account, including property size, landscape area, number of residents, weather and more. This information helps the District accurately determine each customer's unique water needs. Customers with special circumstances, like medical conditions, will be able to apply to the District for a variance for a larger budget.

If adopted, the new EVWD rate structure would consist of 3 price levels or tiers.

Tier 1 

This tier covers efficient indoor water use and would be charged at the lowest rate.

Tier 2

Tier 2 covers efficient outdoor water use and would be charged at a slightly higher rate.

The combination of a customer's indoor and outdoor water budget - their Tier 1 and Tier 2 use - makes up their total water budget.

Tier 3

Water used above the total water budget is considered inefficient use, Tier 3, and would be charged at a rate higher than Tier 2.Tier 3 revenue will be used to fund conservation programs to assist customers with staying in their water budget.

Water Tiers Graphic