Online Bill Estimator

Our Online Bill Estimator has been designed to assist residential and irrigation customers estimate monthly water charges based on the proposed water budget rates. To view your estimated monthly bill simply complete the questions below to see a comparison of your water budget and estimated usage.

Helpful Tip: Meter size, account type, and water usage can be found on previous water bills.

The calculator is for estimation purposes only and is not a guarantee of future bills. Bill totals include the monthly water service charge, water budget, and estimated inefficient usage, calculations do not include fire service or sewer charges.

Due to the complex nature of each account, commercial customers wanting to receive a bill estimate can submit an estimate request. District staff will calculate your water budget and contact you directly.

The online bill estimator is not compatible with Internet Explorer 11, in order to receive accurate bill estimates, please use an alternate Internet browser.

For more information please contact District staff at (909) 889-9501.