Cloudy Water?

Cloudy, Milky Water at the Tap?

Sometimes, you get a glass of water and it looks cloudy or milky. Cloudiness can be caused by the water in the pipes being cooler or under a bit more pressure, but is more likely due to tiny air bubbles in the water. This condition is known as white water and is created when water is delivered under varied pressures and mild temperature differences.

How Do I Know?

To confirm if this is the condition that you are experiencing, simply fill a clear glass from the affected faucet and set it down. Watch to see if the water clears from the bottom moving up. This is a clear sign that the cloudiness is simply entrained air, and is completely harmless.

See Images:

4 Separate Images of a Cloudy Glass of Water Clearing over the Time of One Minute

What To Do?

If the water clears, the water is perfectly safe and there is nothing you need to do. However, if the water does not clear up, please contact our Water Quality department at (909) 806-4222.